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This is our handsome boy, Victor. He came to live with us a bit unexpectedly. After Calvin passed on, we really didn't expect to get another dog so soon. Nilla was acting pretty well considering, but she was pretty unmotivated to do anything. She ate well, and she played, but she just didn't seem to have the energy she once had. We took her to Dogtoberfest to visit her foster mom Jennifer, when we met Victor for the first time. I had read about his dilema on the web site, and you couldn't tell by watching him that he had a really bad broken leg. Look at that face, he is so elegant...

This is Victor after his surgery. He is very skinny and his leg is very swollen. His foster mom, Joyce, took excellent care of him for 3 months while he had to stay in his crate. I hear he was a wonderful patient! He's a smart boy this one.

This is Victor about 3 months after his surgery. It was his first outing, and where we met him. He was so friendly, and did not want to be in his crate. He wanted to be out with everyone playing. He hadn't had his last Vet visit for his leg, but it was coming up, and Joyce was still careful to keep him under control. The vet gave him a clean bill of health, and that is when Joyce and I talked about the possibility of my family adopting him. He loved Nilla, kissed her a couple times, loved Maggie, didn't wan't her to walk away from him. I kept telling my husband that if I were to pick one that day, it would be Victor. My family discussed it, and Victor met Cody, and from that point it was just a matter of time before he came to live with us.

My husband and I drove to Joyce's house to get him, and he was eager to go with us. I know it was a very hard seperation for Joyce and Bryce, but they are good people and knew we would be a great family for Victor. We appreciate their compassion very much.

Victor and Nilla love each other very much. He still likes to crowd in when she is getting attention, but we are working on that. He will sit and down for a treat, and as you can see, Nilla sits a lot so she can get a treat. They snuggle, and play and run in the yard together. It's a good fit all the way around. We love the new addition to our family.

UPDATE!!! I entered VIctor in a contest to be the new poster dog for Take Your Dog To Work Day. Unfortunately he didn't not win poster dog, but he DID make it as a finalist. If you go to www.petsit .com, you should be able to find him. What a lucky guy!

Kelly Taylor
Kearney, MO

I will be adding more pictures of the new couple all the time, so please check back often.

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